ARMONNA was founded by ZEHRA BAYBURTLU, who has been working in textile sector since 90's, in 2004 Bursa and Istanbul. Being founded with a total conception of high quality and aesthetics in order to procedure decorative fabric and sheer weawing, ARMONNA made a difference in the sheer production in a very short time with its founder's global vision and desire to make with its quality but also with its design rank and move forwards towards progress on the way of being a trade mark. The result of the fastidions studies of ARMONNA turned back with rapidly raising confidence and marketing success graphs throughout the international market. Since its foundation, aiming a strong status throughout the decorative fabric and sheer production sector ARMONNA exports products to in particular its major market Europe and then to USA, Nigeria, Russia and the Eastern countries.

ARMONNA will be keeping to be raising star of the decorative fabric and sheer production with its broad vision of not only following the aeshetic and technologic progress in the world but also aimig to be a locomative in these areas and with its younf and dynamic team working for amassing the newsest, the best, the mpst qualifies and most cost effective products.

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